The Relationships Closest To You…

Relationships tend to tell it all! Tell me whose respect matters most to you and I’ll tell you your priorities.  How many times have you seen it?  A man is revered by his peers and community; everyone adores him.  Only to find out that his marriage, or some other vital relationship, is dangling by a […]

Is the Frustration of Leadership Causing You Anguish?

If you are a follower of our podcast, masterminds, or coaching segments, than you’ve heard me say it before, “Mothers consult with mothers, CEOs consult with CEOs, and Kings consult with Kings!”  What I am inferring is this…as a motivated male leader you have concerns that others may not be able to relate to.  Nonetheless, […]

The 6 Most Common Reasons Relationships End

Marriages and long-term relationships don’t end overnight. They end after years of negligence and indifference on the part of the couple. Below, marriage therapists share six of the most common issues they’ve seen long-time couples ignore until it’s too late. 1. The couple stops being curious about one another. Nothing is better for a marriage than […]

The Power of the Pause

If you are a subscriber to our Leadership Masterminds you know we drill the importance of self development.  In life success, and leadership, there are several irrefutable principles that we must engrave into our lives.  Reflection, the ability to pause and review life,  is one that should definitely be at the top of this list. […]

Porn… What’s the ROI?

The thing that makes our brand so intriguing and dynamic is the fact that we love talking to men about real, hard issues.  We like picking their brain to see what really makes them tick. Yea, sports talk is cool, and we can go with the best of them.  But… let’s be real, that’s just […]

This Changed My Life Coaching Business!

Early on in my entrepreneurial ventures I had the same problem as most others.  “What’s that?” you ask… Well, I was not fulfilled in the work I was doing anymore.  I felt like I was going 90 mph, toward a dead end, with no brake pads!  The money was great, but I felt a burning […]

One Huge Mistake I Made as a Businessman

“If they can’t tell me at least three major mistakes they have made in life, I am reluctant to take advice from them.”  It’s something I have lived by for a large portion of my adult life.  Now that I am a successful entrepreneur, it resonates even more with me.  I am 30 years old, […]

The Five C’s of Good Decision Making

Many of us that are faith-driven individuals may struggle sometimes with how to live out our spirituality in the workplace.  If you are anything like us, you probably believe that the fact you have the job is because God blessed you with it; along with the gifts to fulfill your position exceedingly.  However, isn’t it […]

Life Tips for Success

A young entrepreneur approached a corporate leader after a seminar and asked, “I’m not very smart but I’m hardworking. Will I ever succeed?” Without blinking an eye, the expert said, “You will definitely succeed! You have three of the most important traits for success: hardworking, knowing what you don’t know, and asking for help.” We […]

What is the Core of Marriage?

If you recreated an image of yourself, you would expect it to look just like you.  If it didn’t you would question why it looks different, right?  You would question it because you are perfect the way that you are.  So if the image of you was distorted it wouldn’t sit well with you.  This […]