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It’s a Guy Thing

If you are struggling with balancing work and relationships. This is an article you might want to lend your time to for a moment. It could save you a world of headaches, and a whole lot of time and money!

We had a dynamic conversation today at The Round Table.  One of our guests was battling with his current lack of income.  Further more, he gets a pure thrill and rush from dominating the marketplace and bringing home paychecks that he has worked hard for. The conflict is that he is a newly wed, with a baby boy at home.  The time his wife is demanding from him is not something he is used to.  He struggles with the ability to switch gears (going from being the breadwinner to the provider of affection).

“Sometimes I ask myself why would God trust me to be in this situation when I don’t know what I am doing?” he stated.


Porn… What’s the ROI?

The thing that makes our brand so intriguing and dynamic is the fact that we love talking to men about real, hard issues.  We like picking their brain to see what really makes them tick.

Yea, sports talk is cool, and we can go with the best of them.  But... let's be real, that's just small talk for finding common ground.  Nothing about sports talk with your buddies brings prosperity.

So when we find things that seem to captivate the minds of men, we become intrigued to learn more about it.  Dissect it.  Peel back the lens on it.

Pornography has been the latest of our endeavors.

We started doing research on the porn industry after our Founder, Marq Neasman Sr., was asked to be the opening speaker at a Men's God Encounter at Faith Assembly, in Orlando, FL. "It blew me away to see the amount of males that came forward to receive prayer for porn.  I don't know if I was more shocked because these were men in the church, or because I was just out of the loop!  I had to remember I was once there too!", says Neasman.


Neasman continued, "I won't fake the funk. I had my struggle with porn. It became apparent to me when I noticed that I was looking at all women sexually.  I would see a woman and automatically go from her hair to her backside, then her toes.  I would envision having sex with her.  This got to be sickening!  I couldn't even look at a woman without thinking about sex."

"I think my breaking point came when I was 24 and I found myself looking at a young lady, and I asked a friend about her.  He gave me a dumbfounded look. When I asked him why he looked at me that way he  said, 'Bro, she's like 16 or 17.'  I was so embarrassed!  I thought to myself,  'if I'm eyeing a 17 year old with that kind of body, then I would I do the same to a 16 year old?'  I was sure that I would...

So if there is a 16 year old with a body like it possible to find a 15 year old!? I thought back to high school...there were definitely 15 year old girls  with bodies like adult women!"

"It got scary at this point, because if I could find a 15 year old I'm sure there was a few younger females walking around with the same matured body.  The thought of me looking at little girls was depressing!  THAT WAS A POINT OF TRANSFORMATION!"

"I broke through when I allowed God to show me the way that He designed women to be.  He had to show me their nature.  That's when it became clear that pornography was placing seeds of deceit in my mind.  I was getting a false impression of the purpose of a woman. It was too much for me to know that I could be caught up looking at a 14 year old girl.  I felt like a pervert!"

"I believe this was the greatest shifting point for me watching porn.  It was the fact that I felt weak...I felt lame...I felt like a peeping tom. There is no doubt in my mind that if I had not broken that train of thought I would not be in a successful marriage today!"

Man lie, women lie, numbers don't lie!

The Barna Group, completed a study on viewers in the pornography industry.  Here is what they found:

79% of Males ages 18-30 view porn monthly
79% of Males ages 18-30 view porn monthly
67% of Males ages 31-49 view porn monthly
67% of Males ages 31-49 view porn monthly

Studies show that the adult film industry accounts for over $13 billion dollars in the U.S. alone!  

That's a lot of  cash flow!  So being the businessmen that we are, we all ask the question...What's the return on investment??? What has people giving so much money to this industry?  How is the successful male benefiting?  Or is it all a lie...

So what is the ROI?

You see, we all know the benefit that comes from purchasing a home.  It results in equity and assets; longevity and security.  We understand the benefit of exercise.  It results in the wealth of health, clear mind, and good habits.  We just don't see the connection with porn here at The Academy of Kings!

We coach many clients that are trying to get out of this addiction.  And most of them do not understand how it came about!  We hear stories about how pornography destroys marriages, ruins relationships, and associates with human trafficking.  It appears that this industry is degrading not only to our women, but ourselves!

Have you considered your baby girl seeing a adult video?  Would she be inclined to assume that's what women do?  What about your teenage daughter?  Your sister?  That could be them.  What about your marriage, and other healthy relationships with co-workers?

Are you really just hurting?  

Sex is a form of gratification and acceptance we all naturally long for as humans.  It sends subliminal signs to both partners that they are loved and adored.  Males (creatures driven by sight) tend to lean toward adult video because they can take their imagination to a place of gratification just long enough to experience a sexual pleasure...But the feeling afterward is often one of great disgust.   Watch this short TedX video by Jason Mahr on the underlining issues of what drives a males to watch pornography.

Consider the Pros and Cons

So here's the thing...You're a King!  That means you have free will to call your own shots concerning how you govern your life.  We are just here to provide the education to help you along the way.  With that being said, do this home work assignment.  Take a full sheet of journal paper, and fold it in half.  On the left side, write down all the good things that pornography brings to your life.  On the opposite side, write down all of the not-so-good things it offers. Take that chart and study over it.  If the cons outweigh the pros then you know it's time to let this puppy GO!!

Now that won't be easy, and you probably won't be able to do it yourself!  That's what we are here for.  Hiring a men's success coach for 3 months can help you bring about the transformation you are looking for in your heart, relationships, and business that you have been longing for! If you can't afford a success coach then get an accountability partner.

We offer The Round Table as a FREE service for males to just be around other individuals that aspire to grow as leaders in their personal, family, and community.

Pornography is more than a pass time when you are bored.  It's more than something funny to talk about with friends.  It's a drug...And it's destroying families, lives, and moral values.  We are kings, so lets do what kings do!

Rule the day!

-The Academy of Kings

Family Time vs Her Time…

A valuable lesson of wisdom

Success is great and it is something that we all desire. However, just like anything else worth having, there is a cost; and it tends to be pretty hefty.

The element that is most frequently affected is time.

“Time management? That’s no problem!” That’s probably what you are saying right? You’re the super hero of time management! That’s why you get the big bucks, right!?

Well the reality is…sometimes if we get lost in serving everyone else, and our family gets the short end of the stick! This beast is not called time management, it’s called QUALITY TIME!


What is the Core of Marriage?

A bias post about successful marriage

If you recreated an image of yourself, you would expect it to look just like you.  If it didn’t you would question why it looks different, right?  You would question it because you are perfect the way that you are.  So if the image of you was distorted it wouldn’t sit well with you.  This is the same way that God feels about marriage.  It is something that He created to display an image of His love.  So if God is love, then why is marriage (the image of His love) failing?

Most of us know the percentage…it’s 53%.  Now because we are teachers, we grade everything, and 53% on a grading scale is an ‘F’!    Married men, and those considering marriage, this is one you might want to tune in to…


Just as the process of creating gold takes years to process, as does the element of trust. The amazing part about the comparison is…the one that you cannot see is actually more valuable!