Is the Frustration of Leadership Causing You Anguish?

If you are a follower of our podcast, masterminds, or coaching segments, than you’ve heard me say it before, “Mothers consult with mothers, CEOs consult with CEOs, and Kings consult with Kings!”  What I am inferring is this…as a motivated male leader you have concerns that others may not be able to relate to.  Nonetheless, […]

The Power of the Pause

If you are a subscriber to our Leadership Masterminds you know we drill the importance of self development.  In life success, and leadership, there are several irrefutable principles that we must engrave into our lives.  Reflection, the ability to pause and review life,  is one that should definitely be at the top of this list. […]

One Huge Mistake I Made as a Businessman

“If they can’t tell me at least three major mistakes they have made in life, I am reluctant to take advice from them.”  It’s something I have lived by for a large portion of my adult life.  Now that I am a successful entrepreneur, it resonates even more with me.  I am 30 years old, […]

The Five C’s of Good Decision Making

Many of us that are faith-driven individuals may struggle sometimes with how to live out our spirituality in the workplace.  If you are anything like us, you probably believe that the fact you have the job is because God blessed you with it; along with the gifts to fulfill your position exceedingly.  However, isn’t it […]

4 Reasons Christians Make For Excellent Employees

Needless to say, we are an organization that supports entrepreneurship.  However, we understand that there is a place in time where it is healthy for an individual to learn a craft under the security and leadership of those more advanced.  With that being said, we want to present the Top Four reasons we believe that […]

The 4 Stages of Manhood

  • May 31, 2017
  • Leadership
  • The Academy of Kings

Four stages??? What!? We know, we know… We initially thought there were only two stages to manhood; boy and man. But this is not so! This email is going to give a brief overview of the different levels of manhood. If you have any questions be sure to shoot me an message! We love hearing […]

4 Secrets of Strong Male Leaders

What Every Man Should Know With Father’s Day approaching let’s make sure we are fulfilling our duties as strong male leaders in the home, marketplace, and economy.  We have been doing a lot of reflecting. During this time we’ve had to stop and do a self-check, making the adjustments necessary to avoid any trouble in […]